complete order 2015

I took three weeks off over the school holidays to enjoy a getaway with my family and switch off from work completely.  We had a wonderful break, although it’s been very hard to get back in to work mode and routine again. Perhaps it’s because we’re in the middle of winter (or I’m still in denial that our holidays have finished), but I’ve really struggled to focus and concentrate on tasks.

It’s common to be slow after coming back from holidays until our regular routine returns. Here are the top things I did to get myself back on track:

It might be the digital age, but business cards are still a very effective marketing tool, a direct extension of you, your business and what you have to offer. They reflect your personal brand, often the first chance to make an impression on someone and effectively identify who you are.

Invest in a well designed, distinctive business card tailored to your brand to encourage potential clients to want to find out more about you. Here are some tips to help you create effective, professional business cards.

Instagram has announced a new feature that will enable users to add up to ten photos and videos in a single post, which users can scroll through in a carousel. You will see one image with a series of blue dots underneath, indicating you can swipe left to view more images. You can change the order, edit them individually, or choose a filter that will apply to all of them. An effortless way to tell a story with pictures. They have come a long way since the app launched six years ago!

Being productive can be hard. Perhaps you’ve fallen into a routine of getting up at a certain time, getting into work and slumping down at your desk or place of work with no energy, motivation or direction. We live in a society where procrastination is literally at our fingertips with social media and access to smart phones causing endless distractions and taking away our focus.

However, there is a way to achieve optimal performance and productivity that can change your whole outlook on the traditional work/life and transforming each day into a happier, more productive and flexible option.