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Many businesses lose valuable revenue trying to balance customer demands with day-to-day organisational tasks, often surviving on limited administrative resources, generally at levels below those required for profitable growth. The alternatives are extra hours for the owner, part-time (inexperienced) personnel, or expensive off-the-shelf IT and administration solutions. Complete Order believe that revenue can be enhanced by implementing simple organisational practices. The better organised, the more efficient and profitable your business.

We have a full range of services to enhance your business productivity and personal goals. Our aim is to provide the practical support you need to ensure long term business success, allowing you more time to concentrate on maximising growth opportunities.

Our business services are flexible - you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Office Administration

  • executive assistance and administrative support
  • word processing/desktop publishing
  • data entry and database management
  • project management
  • record keeping
  • preparation of asset inventories, policy and procedure manuals, customised forms, templates and operations manuals
  • project administration and management

Tradesmen and Small Business

  • prepare prompt and professional quotations
  • create and maintain client database
  • manage annual servicing and follow up (if applicable)
  • organise and manage advertising and marketing campaigns
  • manage administration, calendar, job lists, social media, invoicing
  • review systems to ensure optimal functionality and maintain reliable, high quality customer service.

Marketing, Social Media and Website

  • develop and implement social media strategies and campaigns (incl. management of social media content and posts)
  • website maintenance, management and content strategy
  • customer loyalty and retention strategies – reviewing customer relationships and providing actions to help improve customer retention
  • market research – analysing markets, presenting research that provides practical and useful information, online surveys and research
  • development of promotional material
  • newsletters, brochures and flyers design and development
  • invitations
  • organise photography and signboards
  • logo and branding design/strategy

If there's an additional service that you would like help with please contact Complete Order for an obligation-free telephone consultation.